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Child Room - One Little World

StayaDeteto child spends a substantial part of your life in your room. For him it is a source of memories in his life later. Therefore, its equipment is essential to calm the child grows and becomes a full human being.

Child RoomThe main task of parents is to create a little world in which it feels most comfortable, to ensure a cozy atmosphere, peace and security. Psychologists have long shown that the room directly affect the development of personality and the establishment of nature. Should firstly be material. Below is the ideal wood, natural wood or laminate, which is anti-static and not back at the aesthetics of the tree. Since the 5-6-year play, dance and move a lot, almost necessarily means putting a rug, whether a wall to wall or in kata for the game depends on you. What matters is easy to be cleaned, it is anti-static. Colors can be selected in line with the overall design of the room.

StayaStenite child may be in a tonne, decorated with drawings or nalepeni with color photos. Girls like flowers and butterflies, or the Little Mermaid Barbie, the boys are appropriate Ninja turtles. So if small natsapat wall stain can be easily hidden. When selecting wallpaper is also abundant among the heroes of videos and comic books. May be paper or vinyl, you can put those wash.
kid’s bedroom interior
Many hangings are an important element. The material they depend on the general design and location of them. May be light curtains and shifon of organza, satin or solid or combinations of materials. Good options are roll-up shutters and shutter. Lighting can be used classical chandelier. Azhurno Crystal and glass are not appropriate for the child as having adverse effects on vision. The distribution of light should be soft and evenly. Can be used for perimetralno aplitsi halogen lighting (on the perimeter of the ceiling).

Child RoomThis achieves a soft and warm light. It is desirable that light can be regulated. Cozy atmosphere depends largely on the choice of colors. 5-6-year love bright colors - red, purporno, rose. The child should not be testily of colors. A good option is a combination of close t colors, but not bright. The floor, walls and ceiling should be in bright colors - white, svetlosinao. Furniture, blinds, carpets and toys may be less saturated.
detska staq

You can choose furniture or ready to order. While turned 10 years, in most cases the child perceives the world through their senses, so the choice of nursery is very important. Kids get a huge amount of information on the nature and should always prefer natural materials. Children used to the environment, they learn very well perceive quickly and easily. House not have plastics prenasiten with, glass and metal technology prichudlivi forms. Suitable for children's environmental materials, natural fabrics, natural colors. Plastic toys has to be supplemented by wood, clay.

small nursery
Minimalizmat style is not suitable for children. Variety of subjects, various fabrics and colors form the creative ability to contribute to mental and physical development. Minimalizmat can only help children to concentrate in the area of learning. If the child painting on the wall, not scare - it is nesasglasie or protest. Behind the chaos in the room, however, may be hiding not only lazy and accidie - it may be a sign of conflict in the world and issues like infantilnost, unable to adapt, nekontaktnost. Permanent and long messy room requires attention and more conversations with the child to clarify the issues.

ideas for nursery

In shaping the child take into account whether one or more children and what sex they are.
According to Feng shui bed must be high to allow energy to freely move between the bed and floor, corners must be rounded, which is a safe room should not be neither too large nor too narrow, is unacceptable bed to the window or door. Ceiling may Decorations with clouds, birds, stars. The walls must breathe, so best wallpaper to paper. The windows have access to the world and therefore are required. Demand for furniture at all costs for environmental compliance certificate. The rule states - at least furniture up space. The necessary things are clothes, toys and racks for books, bed, working corner.

Child RoomPsychologists advise vizulano room to be divided for sleep and rest and to learn and play. The child must be able to retreat. The TV is taboo for children, and all electrical appliances night should be excluded from favor. The tank is something beautiful, sashtevremnno ovlazhnyava air, and the child learns to be responsible as fish food and care for them. Live flowers also complement the atmosphere - citrus trees enhance immunity, improve mood, provide a good sleep.


When children are two - Try to distinguish space. Each has its cabinet, books and personal effects. Even if we are twins, they are entitled to live their lives. If the bed is two-storey, the second floor should be as high. The most important thing remains to make the child a part, not to walk for hours in shops, but still gave him the opportunity to voice their views and share their fantasies.

Way of life in the modern world increasingly defines the work and active adult holiday and the way children grow and develop.

Start by choosing a theme for your kids room. Fire trucks and airplanes set the theme in this boys room decor. This also helps guide your color selection, in this case warmer tones.

Increasingly higher standards sets and greater rigor to the quality of products and services. That goes for children's equipment and furniture for children's toys and entertainment. Increasing is the need to incorporate children's fantasies unexpected harmony with the high demands of their parents. We offer a few ideas, recommendations, tips and explanations for the selection and design of children's game equipment. Nursery is a specific area, which is a steward child. It should feel comfortable and parents We are convinced that the child was in complete safety. No subject should not be sharp or "dangerous" handles. It is also necessary that all materials are natural, tested for quality and content.

Child RoomFor children from 1.5 to 5 years are eligible soft toys, colorful ponds made of easy cleaning materials that do not cause allergic reactions. Toys are animals or vehicles. Room with these toys may not be great because toys are portable and can complement one another. If you want diversity, you simply expand the area for a game or games to include more children. You can even build a train in the center of the room. All this contributes to the development of motor skills of children for the perception of colors and shapes. Alternatively maze for children from 3-4 to 10-12 years. The larger is impress on bicycles, boxes pears and tunnels, drums, balls, batuti, games, which develops power and skill. Needed 4-5 cubic meters. Subject of children's playground is diverse - wonderland forest, jungle, water world. But best when coordinated with the child pofantazirayte together, do joint projects for the future interior.


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