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Modern Interior Design

How to Get a Cutting-Edge Look

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design is a new cutting edge style of design that is becoming more and more popular in interior design in homes, offices, hotels and many other places.

The amazing thing about this type of design is that it gives a very impressive look to your place that people will be amazed about.

Modern Interior Design

A modern or contemporary interior design gives a rich, luxury look to your house or office that you'll enjoy.

It's important to know that the interior design you choose is not only about the objects and furniture used, but also all other smaller parts of the entire picture matter. Parts like the walls, floor, doors, and even window curtains.

So it is the job of your interior designer to choose them all together the way they match perfectly.

Modern Design

So after you choose a good, skilled, reliable interior designer, you can sit back and relax. The rest is all to do on him.

Easy Tips: To make sure you choose the best design for your house or office, it is a good idea to first do some research online and see some picture galleries of top interior design samples.

Comparing various designs will open your eyes on the creative possibilities so you can choose the best one you like more easily.

Interior Design

To find these samples, simply search in Google. You'll quickly find hundreds of great designs this way so you can decide which type you like the most.
Source: http://www.interior-design-ideas-now.com/

Office Interior Design Ideas

How to Get the Perfect Design for Your Office

Office Interior Design

Using a professional impressing office interior design for your office will make a special look to your business and company. Because just like the cover of a book, the design of your office says a lot of things to your clients and customers.

That's why more and more professionals and businesses are hiring interior designers to create an impressing, effective design for their office. And the results have been proven to be effective.

Here are some important tips about choosing the right interior design for your office...

1. What Is Your Business About?

Office Interior Design

Because the design you choose for your office really depends on the nature of your business.

For example the perfect interior design for a doctor's office will be totally different from a high-tech computer company, or an engineering company.

So you or your interior designer, should first ask yourself what the nature of your business is and what message you want to communicate with your design: seriousness, impressive, luxury, friendliness, etc.?

Office Interior

2. How Much Space Is Available?

The amount of furniture you can use in your design depends on how big/small your office is. So depending on the space, the design also will vary.

Office Interior ideas

3. Will Clients Visit Your Office?

Sometimes your office is mainly built for the visits of your customers or clients. Sometimes it is just for your own employees to work in it.

The design for either will be very different from the other. So you want to take that into consideration too.

Office Interior tips

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating in the Shabby Chic Cottage Style is defined as an elegant, comfortable, "lived in" feeling with a perfect mix of the old and the new.
Christmas Decoration

Here are a few simple steps for creating a shabby chic, cottage Christmas by turning your home or apartment into a place of warmth this holiday season!

1. Choosing a color palette - Whites and creams are the staple colors for Shabby Chic style and also Christmas decorating projects. They can be used to create both an elegant or casual theme. White can be used exclusively or you can warm it up with beautiful pastels such as pinks, blues, or lavenders.

2. Fabrics - Use beautiful vintage inspired floral fabrics that fit within your Christmas color scheme. Damask would enhance and elegant theme while, quilted floral matelasse, white denim, and crisp linens can be used for table clothes or napkins for a more casual decor.

3. China - Set your table with mismatched china remembering to keep with your theme. This can be done fairly inexpensively with the help of your local thrift stores and flea markets. Using simple white dishes with small accents of floral china will add a special shabby chic Christmas charm.

4. Candles/Lighting - IllumiWhite Christmas treenated lighting is a critical element in creating the atmosphere of warmth. lights are perfect for trees doorways and mantels. A chandelier adorned with glass prisms reflects the light . Candles of different sizes, displayed beautifully in old canisters or on saucers will add that extra

Christmas Candles Lighting

5. Christmas Tree Decorations / Floral Arrangements - When entertaining guests, use fresh flowers as finishing touches all around your home. A bouquet here and a single flower there. Use interesting things to display them in such as tea pots, bottles, water pitchers. A single white rose in a small charming vase next to the sink in the bathroom reminds your friends and family that you care about even the tiniest details.
Christmas Tree decor

6. Pillows - Place floral accent pillows in your white or cream color scheme on dining room chairs, benches, and unexpected areas to create an inviting comfortable atmosphere while adding extra seating.

7. Slipcovers - If you don't already own slipcovered furniture, pre-made slipcovers can be purchased relatively inexpensively at many local department stores. The benefit of slipcovering your furniture during the holidays protects your furniture from the occasional seasonal spill. Simply take them off and throw them in your washing machine when your guests have left.

Christmas decorating in a Shabby Chic cottage style brings joy and elegance into holiday. It's a charming, kid friendly, and relatively inexpensive. Decorate with the things you love and the warmth of the season will fill your home. Happy Holidays from our home to yours.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tips for kid’s bedroom interior designing

Your child’s bedroom is a place where he spends most of his time at home, we must pay special attention to organizing and planning of the Chamber.kids bedroom

1. Always choose high-gloss paint for the children’s room, because it is can be washed.

2. This is a great concept of the wall paintings are based on a theme of your child’s choice

3. To save room space, buy multifunctional furniture for your child’s room.

4. Give due attention to the bathroom by including non-slippery tiles and decorating it with water toys.

Style is the main factor while choosing kids bedroom furniture. Knowing what style you are looking for can make shopping a lot easier.
kid’s bedroom interiorkids bedroom design

Whichever style, brand or variety of kids bedroom furniture you choose, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Just keep in mind the most important things, safety and comfort. Bedroom is a very important personal room, where your child should get the best rest and relaxation.

Decorating a Child's Room

8 Simple Strategies to Make You Both Happy!

Decorating a Kids Room When it comes to decorating a child's room, your approach should be much different from decorating an adult bedroom.

For kids, their bedroom is where they play games, read, listen to music, day-dream, or just go to be alone sometimes. So use these eight strategies to help create a space that will make you both happy:
Child's Room
1. Talk to your child. Find out what activities and fantasies he or she enjoys; what their favorite color is; and what's unique about their personality that a theme could be built around.

2. Allow your child to help. Let them have a say about colors, fabrics, and how they want to display their collectibles.

3. Make the room multi-functional. Since children use their room for many activities besides sleeping, it should have several different zones, such as a play area, reading area, and entertainment area.
kids room

4. Make storage a priority. Try shelving, large decorative wicker baskets, plastic see-through containers, and closets that contain plenty of shelving and racks.

5. Keep window treatments simple. Avoid long draperies. Shades, blinds, and shorter curtains are safer choices. The fabric should be versatile, and patterns should be repeated in other items in the room, such as in pillows, quilts, lampshades, bed ruffles, etc.

6. Choose the right lighting. A child’s room should include both task lighting for homework and reading, and soothing light for quieter times. A nightlight is also important.

7. Use wallpaper or paint (if it is allowed in your lease) to add color and texture. You can apply whimsical borders along the top edges of the walls, and clouds or stars on the ceiling. Make sure walls are washable, so if you are using paint, choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish. Kids love bright colors, but you should limit any strong color to only one wall.

Child Rooms

8. Allow your child to select the design theme. Here are just a few: firehouse fun room, starry night, angels, rainbows, unicorns, baseball, a bedroom for a princess, underwater scenery, outer space, race cars, airplanes, trains, jungle motifs, wizards and dragons, and dinosaurs.

Decorating with your child offers a great opportunity to display your playful side, while doing some memorable family bonding, so have fun with it!

by: Michael Holland Source: http://www.rentaldecorating.com

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home Remodeling Tips

Home Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your home while giving it a high-end look and style is what each one of us wants for our house. Making the best out of the money spent and giving a new image to your home is what we talk about here. Bringing out the best in your house requires careful planning and organizing. Whether you are remodeling for selling purpose or to upgrade it to a modern lifestyle these tips and ideas will resolve a lot of conflicts that rests in your mind.
Home Remodeling Tips
Keeping a close eye as what will still look good after 15 years, here are different home remodeling tips for the different rooms in your house. Guide your way through each individual room and decide on how you want it to look and then start working on it.Home Remodeling modern

The Lives of the Rich and Famous
Well we are not talking about any TV soap here. But taking a close look at their home styles is a good way to set your gaze for the coming years. According to a recent survey it was found that the changing trends in the house remodeling styles are guided by the high-end homes. So if you want to foresee what’s going to be the hotcake of the neighborhood in next 6 years then a quick trip to some of the open houses in the up class and affluent communities is a good idea.

Make it Durable
One of the very important factors for any house is the durability of the house. Invest your money in materials that can endure the test of time. Avoid cheap materials, as they will start to show gouges as years pass by. Instead go for quality substance so that you don’t have to put energy and money on it later on.

Think Bold and Different
One interesting home remodeling tip is to make your home look interesting and different. If you are thinking from the selling point also, go for something that will appeal to the next generation. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by adding some custom glass tile and bold colored countertops in kitchens and washrooms.

Home Remodeling Tips for Rooms
Home Remodeling Tips for Rooms
Every room is remodeled in a different way. So let’s take a closer look at how each of these rooms and upgrade them to the latest trends of today.

Modern Kitchen Design Pictures
Kitchens are one of the most difficult places to maintain. So while remodeling keep things simple. You can go for the classic granite counter top or have something that adds warmth to your kitchen. Though colors are hot and in right now, it may phase out in the coming years. Therefore investing highly on red stove and matching top should be avoided. Go for subtle colors that are perfect.

The Bath
Well to start with the utilitarian concept is out. Think big – think spa. Make space for your whirlpool tubs, multiple showers and even provision for steam shower. If you want to try something more upscale then go for towel warmers, heated floors etc.

Storage Rooms
Storage rooms no longer mean an attic or some small room that has no other functionality. Instead just like any other room in the house, storage rooms also have a personality of their own. If you have a spare room in your house then try remodeling it by adding some cabinets and closets. Make space to keep your food items and also things that are not required on an everyday basis. You can also remodel it by making space for your hobbies and recreation corner.

A Thought for the Elderly
One important tip to keep in mind while remodeling your home is sparing a thought for the elderly in the household. Make the home more accessible so that they can move around more comfortably and freely. While remodeling have wider hallways and doors. This will even be useful when you want to move bigger pieces of furniture as well. So whether you have parents living with you or visiting for a while, this is going to be of a great help.

Source: http://www.dreamhomedecors.com/

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interior Design Color Trends for 2010

Interior Trends for 2010 - Oriental Sweetness:

interior trend colorsAfter Woolmark has launched its new interior colour trends for 2010 /11 at the start of the New Year, it looks like Japanese Inspired themes are going tinterior design trendso be prevalent. It is still early days as far as interior predictions for 2010 , but we are going to look into one of the trends that is looking hot for next year, Oriental Sweetness & produce a dedicated range of canvas art prints to compliment it.

It's all about the East: Asian & Oriental influences are key here. Look to vintage floral Japanese textiles for inspiration, simple and minimal shapes with striking colours.
interior trends 2009
The colour palettes for the 09 season features strong tones of red, purple and burgundy, contrasted with brighter shades or neutral tones in unlikely combinations. The base for all the colour palettes can be made up from Neutrals, white, brown and bark.

Japanese, Oriental florals are inherently simple in their form, one of the aspects that I love is the minimal block colour approach, it is like pop art, but pioneered hundreds of years early. If you look at Japanese & indeed a lot Asian art, it closely resembles what graphic design has nocolor trends for 2009w become in a CAD based world. Blocks of colour that would have been intricately painted with a watercolour brush is only now becoming a popular graphic design technique, thanks to Adobe Illustrator.

Simple, vector based shapes are the key focal point to a design, little or no tone is apparent or necessary.

To quote us from the inital
2010 trends forecast we did, "The use of floral images and light colours simplify things and help keep its grace. Look no further than our floral canvas art section, where Japanese & oriental florals have featured prominently for the last 4 years." And we mean it, we've been all over Japanese florals for years now, what better a time for it to come through than now, when we have tonnes of original artwork!

We are well and truly on the ball with this trend, already loving a Japanese inspired floral design makes it easy for us, as the passion for what we do is there.. So, we've currently designed a selection of brand new floral canvas art, you can see some of them featured on this news blog. The rest can be found on our floral art pages, check them out, feel free to hit us up if you need custom art producing.
color trends

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Country Home Decor Gifts

Rustic and country decor is one of the favorite styles of home decorations nowadays. Being one with nature and having a decor that complement your choice is simply a dream come true. And if you know someone who also enjoys country home decorations then selecting unique gifts for them is a complete pleasure. In this section of country home decor gifts we bring together different ideas to make the house decorations charming and completely unique. Make your friend’s home a haven as you select from these different country gift ideas.

Pots and Baskets

One of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting gifts for country home decor is to keep it on an informal note. Adding some copper pots and baskets to your decor will bring out the warm and friendly feel in your home decorations. These items make great gifting options as you have a varied range to select from.

Charming Accents
Charming Accents e Decor Gifts
Add some charm to your gifts by presenting some dried flower arrangements. You can even gift an attractive flower vase to go with it. Other than flowers other attractive gift ideas include potpourri that is a favorite of all nowadays. Scented candles and lanterns are also interesting gift ideas for country home decorations.

A Cashmere Throw
Lampshades victorian Country Home Decor Gifts
If you are looking for a luxurious gift item that is simply irresistible then go for a cashmere throw or even chenille one. This soft throw is just the right thing to add some magical color to any room decor. This gift item is multi-purposed and can be put over a chair or even a sofa set, giving a cozy feel to the room. This country home decor gift idea is perfect for house warming gifts.

Table Linens
Table linens in floral prints and soft colors go very well in a country themed decor. This gift item comes in different styles and patterns and can be given on just any occasion. If you want to add further to this gift then go for cutlery matching to the table linens.

A Bird Feeder
A perfect idea for a country home decor gift is a bird feeder. If the recipient is a nature lover, then he is sure going to love it. Avoid the plastic feeders, as they have no charm or elegance to them. Rather go for a perfect piece that adds to the decoration of the house. You can select feeders in all types of different shapes and sizes.

Lampshades Country Home Decor Gifts
Lampshades are a part of every type of home decor. A perfect home decor gift idea, you can select lampshades in just about any budget. Most of us think, that country home decor means a rustic log hut appearance. But that’s not at all the case. Go for bright and attractive lamp shades and your gift is sure to find a place in their home decorations.
Country Home Decor Gifts

Novelty Gifts For Home Decor

Selecting novelty gifts for home decor is something that always seems to puzzle us. What to get that enhances the charm of the house. It should be useful, stylish and also have the novelty gift touch to it. There are different gift ideas for selecting the perfect novelty gift for a housewarming party or even for your own home decorations. Select from these unique novelty gifts and give your home a royal appearance.Novelty Gifts For Home Decor

Spicy Scented Candles
One favorite gift item nowadays is the variety of scented candles that are available to select from. These scented candles can be placed just about anywhere around the room, giving a soft glow to the ambience. This novelty gift is perfect for giving to close friends and loved ones. And then you also don’t have to worry if there is repetition of this gift item. The more the better.Novelty Gifts Home Decorhome gift decor

Novelty Clocks
Novelty clocks are one of the most refined gifts to present for home decorations. You can select from a range of wall clocks to gift. Right from the classic grandfather clock to the trendy and sleek variety of today there is such a large variety to select from that it sometimes gets totally overwhelming. So according to the home decor theme, select a novelty wall clock and present to the proud couple.Gift home Decoration

Novelty Lamps
Stylish, sleek and useful, novelty lamps come in a large variety. Whether you go for a marble novelty lamp or the ethnic wooden novelty lamps it definitely gives the home a special and admirable look. If you are one of those who love to shop online then Amazon offers a range of lampshades to select from. And if you want to shop around in person then we are sure you will still find a huge variety to select from
.Home Gifts

Novelty Art Products

A wonderful home decor gift idea is novelty art products. If you know someone who is passionate about art then presenting them a range of novelty art products is the best home decoration gift that can be. The most popular novelty art products include inspirational paintings and poetry podcasts. If you are feeling baffled as what is poetry podcasts is, it is an art piece with poetry written along side. It is one of the most unique novelty gifts to pick from.Home Present gift decoration
Home decoration gift present pictures

Drawer Chest
One more novelty gift item for home decor is a drawer chest. This can be a very useful item for any household. A drawer chest is a great utility item and also a perfect gift for any new house.

So select from these varied novelty gift items and give something wonderful for home decor.

Fall autumn Decorations ideas and inspirations

Fall is here with a dip in temperature and changing colors outdoors. The weather is still warm yet the gorgeous hues of nature finally announce the advent of autumn. Most of us don’t have the time to drape the entire home decor with the fall collection. However with some simple items you can bring the outdoor fall spirit right into your living space. From some simple table decorations to some fantastic fall wall decor, these seasonal decors can give your home a charismatic charm. The autumn season fills us with a bounty of decorating ideas for each room of your house. So bring the feeling of fall indoors with these easy and simple home decorating ideas.
Fall Decor Decoration

Fall Mat Art

Autumn season brings along colors like browns, yellows, oranges and tans. Along with this comes leaves, pine cones, gourds and other things. So how about picking up some leaves and let them dry and then laminating the leaves for unique place mats. You can get a bit more creative by taking a picture of a forest or something to do with nature and then put the leaves on it before laminating. You can very easily get personalized mats in no time.
Fall Decor Decoration

Candle Centerpiece

For autumn decorative centerpieces take a simple dinner plate and turn it upside down. Now take a fall color candle like orange or golden brown and place it in the center of the plate. Taking some hot or white glue add potpourri around the candle. You can take it from a store or make it at home also. Add some pinecones, cinnamon sticks and other dried potpourri stuff to give a complete fall look to your decor. Complete the look by tying a ribbon around the candle. Fall Decor Decoration modern home

Fall Flower Arrangements

Autumn is the time for many bright colored flowers as you set to bring the outside garden inside. Right from chrysanthemums, to flowers in lavender, burgundies and soft plum shades there are many hues to select from. So go for a bright looking flower arrangement and bring the shine of summer indoors. For a dried floral arrangement go for hydrangeas and straw flowers and give a classy fall feel to your interior decoration.

Autumn Decoration Accessories

No home decor is complete without different accessories complementing it. So go shopping and select pillows and throws that will bring the autumn colors inside. Your interiors will look bright and lively with their warmth and color as the days soon starts to darken and temperatures drop. Change your tablecloths for the seasonal ones to add style to your dining experience. Do away with those white lampshades for simple shades covered with harvest fabric. And to add a touch of color to your walls with paintings
http://www.lindapaul.com/Poppies_Flower_Paintings_Poppy_Flower.JPGand illustrations depicting leaf-raking. Other than these small tit bits like leaf splashed doormats and pumpkin dotted hand towels can give a feel of fall to the entire family.
interior design desgin interior

For a Festive Mood

Fall wedding decoration

Fall home decor also brings to mind the time for festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving. So if you want to blend your autumn interior decorations with a touch of festival air then pumpkins are perhaps the easiest way to add color as well as Halloween spirit. Simply add pumpkins of different sizes on the windowsill for a seasonal feel. Right from jack-o-lanterns to hollowed out pumpkins stuffed with potpourri can spice up any patio with a fall feeling.

So as the days shorten and nights start becoming chilly give your homes the warmth of the fall decor with these easy decorating ideas for autumn.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Home Interior Decorations

Winter classic Home Decoration interior design living room
Changing the interiors of your home as different seasons roll in is one of the simplest ways to deck your home interiors with a completely new look. With the holiday season soon advancing and the winter chills setting in it is once more time to give a fresh feel to your interior decorations. With some warm colors and soft fluffy fabrics welcome the winter season in style. In this section of winter home decor we will look into some simple yet stylish decoration tips to make your house ready for the winter season. So give your home an haute couture with winter interior decor tips.Winter Home Decor decoration interior modern snow_tree.jpg

The biggest difference between summer and winter home interiors is the colors and comfort we want to create. Summers mean giving an airy appeal to your rooms while winters are all about getting cozy. So as the cold weather sets in go for a collection of cozy and fluffy throws to give the home furniture a snuggling feel. After all your furniture should look inviting and comfortable in the winters as well. Nobody wants to settle in a cold looking room. Try going for silk throws to give a rich look to your interiors. They look exceptionally well for those special occasions.
Winter Home Decor decoration tips and ideas winter-decor.jpg

The winter also gives us a variety of flowers all bright and pretty. So make your flower arrangements with holiday colors and flowers. One can have flower arrangements in pine decked up in brass containers. One can also go for clear crystal vases to give an elegant look to your flower arrangements.

Playing with colors is very easy in the winter season. Go for cushions and pillows in dark patterned prints. One can even experiment with a variety of fabrics. From silk, suede, satin to velvet there are many variety out there. And if you are fond of decorative plates to give an elegant look to your living room then go for holiday designs bringing out the essence of Christmas, New Year and other festivals.
Home Winter Decor Decoration decoration ideas tips modern classic
Another important element for any home decor is the draperies. Since it is not easy to change the curtains go for the reversible ones that can give you the desired depth or airy feel according to the season. Make your room interiors bright or neutral according to your requirements. But what about centerpieces for your tables? well there are a whole lot of things right from crystals to dry food items as well. And then we are very sure that there are those long lost pieces that can make excellent centerpieces if you only bring them out and make them the center of attention.

Other winter home decor accessories include rugs that can make any place look cozy and warm. The best point of winters is that no matter how much colors you use, if they balance each other then you are going to create a striking feel for your home decoration.

And if you are looking for something to make your kids room lively and peppy then how about adding some extra stuffed animals and colorful posters. It will not only make your kid giggle with joy but also give a completely new look to its interiors.

For halls and pathways, try your hand on different photo frames and pictures. You can simply select nice pics from magazines and get them framed to give an elegant look to your interiors. It would give a unique look to your winter home interior decor.

So this winter give a completely new Winter Home Decorlook to your home interiors and enjoy the chilly winters to its fullest.