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Blue and Brown Living Room Decor

Ideas for Decorating in Blue/Turquoise/Teal and Brown Colors

Incorporating Brown and Teal For a Living Room That is Modern and Appealing
By Leon Tuberman

Today, modern decor is refreshing and attractive. Two decades ago, most people would never dream of decorating a living room in shades of brown and teal; now, it's one of the most appealing looks you can have if you love a clean, modern decor. In this article, you will find many useful tips for incorporating these two colors for a look that is vibrant and beautiful.

Starting point: Walls

In order to prevent your living room from looking closed in or small, you want to use a light, neutral shade for the walls. Consider light sand, a pale, soft aqua or a muted caramel color. To add further interest and appeal, paint baseboards and trim in a contrasting shade such as bold aqua or dark chocolate brown.

If you're feeling particularly creative, consider texturing the walls through various techniques such as stamping, ragging or rag-rolling to add a wallpaper-like finish that is original and eye-catching.

Choosing the furniture

To achieve balance in this style of decorating, it's best to choose furnishings that are scaled to a larger size. Tables, entertainment centers, chairs and sofas should all be the same deep brown shade if possible. Leather furnishings work especially well in this decor, and add rich texture.

Accessories are where the fun begins

Once walls are completed and furnishings are chosen, it's time to start adding colorful accents. Choose 3 shades of teal; a pale shade, a medium shade, and one that is dark and bold. The medium shade will be the dominant teal color for the room, while the others help balance things out.

When shopping for accents, let anything teal catch your eye and consider if it will work with your decorating theme. Throw pillows, picture frames, vases, window treatments, candles, tapestries - all of these things will add color and visual appeal to the room.

Vary patterns for further appeal

Long gone are the days when everything had to match. In past years, if you chose a floral pattern for your living room, you would not dare use stripes or abstract patterns. Today, it is very common for savvy decorators to mix stripes, plaids, swirls and all types of patterns together, and the look is creative and attention grabbing. Consider a plaid throw, along with striped pillows and abstract paintings for the walls to create a room that is full of life. Mixing patterns adds depth and originality, making each room striking in its own unique way.

For those who love modern, contemporary rooms, this look is ultra-chic and absolutely beautiful. Incorporate hues of dark, chocolate brown and shades of teal for a rich look with bright splashes of color that bring the room alive! Decorate with accessories that are unique and capture the attention of the eye. Once you see the finished results, you will want to show your living room off to everyone you know!

Leon Tuberman has been in the home furnishings and interior decorating industry for 4 decades. He owns and manages a popular furniture store in California. They have a large inventory of handcrafted American built solid wood furniture for your bedroom, home office and living room. Whether you're looking for a oak tv stand for your media room or a arts & crafts coffee table for your family room then they carry everything you need.

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Bathroom Towel Racks

One of the more essential things in the bathroom, is the towel rack. The place where you can hang up the wet towel to dry after use - yes, and not placed in a heap on the bathroom floor like your loved one does!

Below is an expert take on choices available when you lack space for a built-in towel rack; turn to the free standing towel rack.

A Free-Standing Towel Rack Solution
By Jennifer Akre

Sometimes I've run into a design problem that I knew I could solve with a simple solution. My story explains my quest to find a free standing towel rack, and how it changed my master bath from almost perfect to exactly right.

Several years ago I was involved in a challenging home renovation project. We bought a 120-year-old Queen Anne Victorian, a house that had been the victim of several non-sympathetic additions and adaptations. Our goal was to restore the house to something close to its original state, preserving its character but still updating it so it would be comfortable for a modern family to live and work in.

I discovered that is more difficult to work within the confines of an existing building than to build a new one. It wasn't impossible, mind you, and a surprising number of details fell into place quite easily.

Free Standing Towel Rack

I was particularly happy when we were able to create a traditional master bath with contemporary features. We found reproduction tile and re-used solid wood doors original to the home. Our new master bath was as perfect as I could imagine.

Perfect, that was, until it was time to install a towel bar. We had no place to screw anything into the wall within reach of the shower. Pocket doors, plumbing, lack of a reasonable expanse of wall-I had no place to hang a towel. But I knew there had to be a solution. I was on a quest to find a free standing towel rack.

Although I hadn't seen them anywhere at the time, I knew the free standing towel rack couldn't be a far-fetched idea. I was thinking of a quilt rack, but none were narrow enough for the space I was trying to fill. Eventually, I found a free standing towel rack in an in-flight catalog. It was a rare and lucky find.

The idea must have had merit, because today, you can find a free standing towel rack in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and features. If you have limited floor space and need a place to hang the terrycloth, you can find a simple free standing towel rack on post and a weighted base. The post is topped with an S-shaped hanging rod, or a set of free-swinging bars on the top of the post, or an open oval rack. With this free standing towel rack, there's plenty of room to hang a few towels while taking up less than a square foot of floor space. And if you want to hang hand towels and don't have the nearby wall space for a conventional towel bar, you can get a countertop version of the free standing towel rack, too.

An elegant solution follows my instincts about using a quilt rack. Today you can find a free standing towel rack in all the popular hardware finishes. They are now readily available, and they provide two or three hanging rods--enough space to hang towels for a whole family. A base shelf on a free standing towel rack can store folded towels and spare bathroom essentials.

Another innovative design for the free standing towel rack is a towel ladder. Even if you have limited passage in your bathroom, the floor space that the ladder takes up is minimal, and you can hang four towels is less than two feet of wall space.

If you have space in your bathroom, another free standing towel rack takes its design from the étagère. Rather than having open shelves, this rack uses side bars for hanging towels. It gives you hanging space on four sides, and might give you hanging space for outside for pool towels.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space. Whether it is bath accessories for your bathroom or chairs for your kitchen there are many tips you can use to make those spots both functional and beautiful. Click today and indulge your senses.

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Kitchen Colors and Accessories

Tired of your old kitchen look? Perhaps it is time to re-vamp your kitchen with a new look. But it is not necessary to spend much money on remodeling a kitchen. By changing the color scheme of your kitchen, and selecting kitchen accessories, you can create a new and updated look for your kitchen.

This article focuses on great ideas for changing the look of your kitchen that you can use to create a modern and updated kitchen that also exudes warmth and pleasure that all beautiful kitchen do.

Art of Selecting Right Kitchen Colors and Accessories
By Savs Foster

When it comes to colors, you can think of all the shades of light and dark to add to your kitchen. The choice of colors is completely an individual's choice. However a wiser choice always makes a great impact on the look of the complete area. This particular area has multiple things ranging from walls to accessories. The art of combining various colors and patterns of the kitchen commodities will make it a better place to cook.

Here are some simple tips of colors that may help your kitchen rejuvenate and give it a class feeling.

* In case you are having a fair good kitchen space then you can flaunt with all sorts of shades. The use of bright colors on walls and ceilings like pale, yellow, lemon and green will make it appear big. However, if you want to give an elegant and sleek look then you can even paint the walls red. This is both a bright and a dark shade that will offer a different look.

* Some basic colors like orange, violet and indigo are also an excellent option for the walls.

* To enhance the appearance, it is not necessary that you need to have one color. You can add different shades to the ceilings and walls. Some pattern fabrics and designs are being included. People having linear and striped patterns love their areas and it also makes the place look bigger.

* Coming to your cabinets. You must have installed them to add more space. The shades of your cabinets too make a difference. People having a small kitchen area can install them in neutral shade like white. This gives a bright look. In case you have a big kitchen, then dark colors will give a sophisticated and classy appearance to the area. Cherry red shades, wood color and other similar colors are becoming a part of the latest trend and people are installing them more often.

* The shelves and slab colors are often recommended to be light and mostly suggested to be of the material that is easy to clean.

* The floor color of your kitchen is another aspect to be looked after. The use of marbles, ceramic tiles, granites, hardwood and other flooring types is becoming popular not only for the durability, but also because of the fact that numerous shades are available.

* These days, dark as well as light, shimmery and glossy type granites are being installed to give a modernized and dazzling appearance. So, you can always think of installing the granite floors.

In case you want tiles in your kitchen then you better use both light and dark combinations to reflect a unique pattern. Contrasting colors like black and white, red and white are often being used by the homeowners.

Apart from the kitchen furniture, choice of some big equipment to be placed in your kitchen must be made judiciously. You can better try matching them with your kitchen theme. It is not necessary that you have to stick to one fabric in this part of home try using multiple building materials this would give more choice. The use of metals in various shades is also picking up trend for simple reason that they give an ethnic and antique look.

Do you want to revibe your home interiors? Then look for more kitchen design ideas, drawing room design, living room interior and many more.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Savs_Foster

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English Cottage Home Decor

If you fancy having a quaint English country home, but do not live in the country, much less in England; well, do not fret. It is possible to create a lovely English country home within your existing living space.

You can create an innovative English country home decor in your own home by applying a blend of formal English style living room furniture, antique accessories and toile. Also key to the English country home style, especially for the living room interior design, would be to use neutral colors.

The simple tips below will help you achieve a regal English country look in your own home!

English Cottage Decor - As Soothing As a Cup of Tea
By Fran Sloan

The English are nothing if not practical and this is aptly reflected in the English Cottage style of decorating. That's not to say that things aren't pretty, even beautiful, in this style. It's just that practicality comes first.

The contemporary English Cottage decorating style offers a casual, eclectic and quite personal home decor. It carries its owner's personal stamp, whether it be old family black and white family photographs, crocheted doilies or a big bunch of garden flowers in a blue ceramic jug.

This decor style harks back a century or more ago, when an English cottage would have been a small dwelling occupied by local craftsmen, farmers, herders and the like. These hardworking people wanted little more than comfort in their homes after days filled with physical labor, and so this decor style combines rustic elements with pure comfort.

To start, the color palette in English Cottage style is governed by the colors of nature, from a variety of shades of green to earth brown and the tones of autumn, rust, yellow and orange. The pinks and pale reds of English roses ease this earthy color scheme, but be sure to keep these accents to muted, antique-looking shades. Otherwise, plenty of fall colors predominate.

Next, pay close attention to finishes in the furnishings you choose. A rustic fireplace and exposed ceiling beams are fine, but highly polished modern-looking surfaces are not. The same goes for furniture. A leather chair can be overstuffed and a bit worn and be perfect for this style of decor. If the upholstery is really too faded or worn for comfort, hide it with colorful floral slipcovers, another element of this style.

The kitchen in this decor is not meant to be a marvel of contemporary culinary arts. More than likely it will be on the small side, but it will be airy and open and above all, eminently practical. Store the utensils in a pottery jug next to the stove, and it will be ideal for the decor. Watch for a drop-leaf wooden table, which will be perfect for any type of kitchen duty, but can be opened up when company comes. And go ahead and leave that copper-bottomed kettle on the stove. Once the water boils, though, transfer it to a pretty china teapot covered in a crocheted cozy to keep the water hot for the tea.

When it comes to accents, every room in an English Cottage decor should nearly burst with antiques, baskets, dried flowers and herbs, a veritable riot of textures and colors that tells guests all about the homeowners. From the whitewashed ceiling to the tile floors covered in colorful, sturdy woolen rugs or wool braided rugs, this is a style built on family and heritage.

Window treatments are functional and simple. Curtains may be cafe style on rings or lacy sheers framing roller shades, but nothing should extend below the window sill.

When finishing off the decorating, don't be afraid to blend old and new. Remember, practicality is the watchword. Storage trunks could be end tables or nightstands, while an old metal inverts to make a terrific coffee table. Free-standing glass-front cabinets are perfect for displaying the family heirlooms, even if you bought them at a garage sale or flea market. Add lots of live plants, especially a couple of hanging ferns, and you'll have an English Cottage home straight out of an Agatha Christie novel.

Senior writer Fran really enjoys writing about English Cottage Decor. And he says that if you want your room to make a statement without spending a fortune then all you need to is place oval rugs or rectangle braided area rugs on your floor.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fran_Sloan

English Cottage Interior Design Pictures

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Girls Bedding

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Summer Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Summer is a great time for remodeling projects, especially the bathroom. A complete remodeling of the bathroom can take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete. If this is what you plan on doing, summer is a great time to do it! It also helps that the economy is not as robust - you can bargain for a greater deal with your contractor. Definitely shop around, obtain quotes, and look at references before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Below we have some superb tips on great designs for bathroom remodeling.

4 Great Designs For Bathroom Remodeling Projects
By Patricia Strasser

Some of the great designs named in remodeling bathrooms that will give you an improved and better space are: the tub is the star, the cantilevered double sink, the bathroom wardrobe, and antique and traditional looks.

Remodeling your bathroom brings out the best of your bathroom space. This will benefit not just the resale value of your home but also the experience of the people using the space daily. Remodeling according to how you want your bathroom to look, will give you extra credit. Make use of the following bathroom designs to help keep your bathroom remodeling project moving:

The tub is the star

The "tub is the star" design focuses more on the surroundings of the bathroom space. The bathroom is used as a utensil for sight seeing. This type of design makes use of the double-ended tub. It is a type of bath tub that enables you to lie on both sides. You can have a warm bath laying against or facing the window. It is mostly used in houses with a contemporary architectural design.

The cantilevered double sink

A "cantilevered double sink" design provides you the advantage of bigger bathroom space. It makes use of a deep-basin shaped sink. The double sink is placed on a cantilevered bathroom counter. Having two sinks in the bathroom will provide you and your partner the time to brush your teeth or wash your face together. This will also save you time. A cantilevered double sink is generally used in a modern home.

A bathroom wardrobe

The position of the tub in this design is placed in the center of the room with one end of it positioned on the wall. The bath tub will cover the pipe on the wall. However, the person will be facing the wall when he or she uses the bath tub. Place a mirror on the wall adjacent to the bath tub to fix this problem. Wardrobe storage is one of the main components in a bathroom wardrobe as well. This will save space in the other part of the house. It will also allow you to directly change or store clothes after taking a bath.

Antique and traditional look

Antique and traditional looks use a claw-foot tub that is placed diagonally in the bathroom for a more relaxing feeling and position. Use a wainscot wall treatment made of solid wood to help keep the wall dry and protected from moisture. An antique and traditional design is a common and practical bathroom design that is generally used in most homes today.

Properly choose a fitting wall color that will give your bathroom a refreshing look. Make sure that you arrange the fixtures and furniture in a clear and organized way. This will allow you to enjoy every bath and will make you want to stay in the bath tub longer.

Hire bath remodeling contractors to renovate your bathrooms now by visiting Alcoa Construction for recommendations.

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Small Bedroom Interior Design

Small bedrooms can be challenging to decorate. But it is not impossible to have a great small bedroom interior design with a few easy tips to keep in mind. For instance, paint color for the bedroom can have an effect on the overall perception of the room. If you want to create a more spacious feel to your room, then light colored paint would be a good choice. Allow natural light to filter into the room.

Home decor expert discusses several tips to keep in mind while designing and decorating your small bedroom.

Small Bedroom Design - Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger And More Comfortable
By Albert Lee

Having a small bedroom should not be a problem when you know how to design and decorate it. Through the right approach, you are going to easily forget that it is small and instead will let you feel not only like it is bigger but more comfortable and relaxing to stay at. It may seem impossible for you, but you can achieve this effect and stop getting guilty that you have it small.

Start by de-cluttering it with mess, meaning you have to toss off things that are not of much use. Replace them with essentials only. Along with that, consider the following ideas to achieve that bigger look as well as comfortable and cozy feel:

1. Color

Apply the bedroom with brighter paint colors. It is a way to let natural light getting inside the small room reflected in these colors making your room appear bigger.

2. Mirrors

Putting mirrors in some key areas is a great way for adding dimension to the small bedroom. They enhance space of the room because of the doubled-look effect. Just make sure you don't place a mirror that reflects the part where you don't want it exposed.

3. Beds

Use slim-framed furniture and bed to avoid taking up much of the space. Fold-down beds are great for small bedrooms, as well as bedroom closets. The latter is a type that is provided with built-in shelves, typically just underneath it.

Platform beds are also great choice for small bed. These are basically the kind with the low height, usually with only a foot high above the floor level of the room. The effect is that it actually makes volume and the bedroom looks bigger.

If to use conventional beds, you can have the space underneath by placing storage boxes or shelves. At one side of the bed, you can place a table or chair where you can put your reading lamp. Make sure it matches your bed for more stylish effect.

4. Shelves

Floor-to-ceiling book shelves are also great to store your small items and mementos, and of course, your books. This kind of shelve will not necessitate any more kinds of furniture because you can put virtually all the things in there. The result is saved spaces.

5. Furniture

Small furniture will do in small bedrooms, but arranging all pieces is they key to achieving the space-saving intention while keeping them still fashionable. Place these pieces at angles to help distract visual lines off the walls.

6. Wall paper

This is one of the most important items that you can focus on to achieve the illusion of bigger space. Wallpapers with horizontal patterns create effects of horizontal expansions.

When chosen and applied well, these ideas should work well with your small bedroom to turn it into comfortable and relaxing place to stay at. Bedrooms are designed to be somewhere where one would be staying to rest at nights and one that would be his/her private sanctuary; therefore, small bedroom design should be something that meets personal requirement in the most comfortable atmosphere.

For bedroom design ideas, visit http://www.bedroomdecoratingideas101.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Albert_Lee

Small Bedroom Decorating Pictures

Creating storage space for a small bedroom