Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick refreshment around the house - Ideas for home

House Garden by Fr Antunes.

The first thing we see in one house, its appearance and spatial layout, so place a place of occasional visitor and see the side home - what are its advantages and disadvantages, what can be preserved and what changed? Next ideas can help refreshed vision of home.
home house refresh

1. First, you need to do is make a few pictures of the house and possibly by all sides. Looking countries will help to Distance from home and to look with greater severity. Once you have completed your photographic exhibit multiplied photos so that they can to paint on them - add a decorative timber shaped paths and flower trimmer - something like a cheap software that will save you a lot of nerve, resources and time.


2. If you have qualities such as skill and enthusiasm, alone can produce a low ornamental fences for color trimmers or effective trellis for the inlet area of the yard. Large chain stores usually have a section for gardening, where you'll find all the necessary materials and tools. The end result will be more than satisfactory.

3. Instead of concrete, gravel or use river stones to cover the lanes - they will have much greater decorative value. Alternatively, replacing the standard mall in the grassy part, is making plochopateka - several large flat stones that are arranged one after another - a decision which carries east broadcasting.

Miller House Garden

4. Near the trees or bushes can put large plaited baskets to be focused. A small baskets then be filled with artificial apples, squash and other fruits to remind for this season.

5. Use awning and sheds. They are ideal choice for summer, and a cool time - from the sun, from rain and snow. For entry spaces is particularly advisable to provide peak above the door.
Bourton House Garden -- Gloucestershire

6. Lighting should not be forgotten. It is the final touch that creates original garden accents and lanes.


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