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Expensive Luxury Italian Bedrooms

Expensive Luxury Italian Bedroom Furniture

PROVASI Italian luxury classic furniture Luxury Black Bedroom

Luxury Black Bedroom
Italy PROVASI furniture has been hailed as the Rolls-Royce, in the past 100 years, it conquered numerous European monarchs from the harsh and critical eye. PROVASI each bed, tables, chairs, cabinets, and accessories have condensed the non-replicating “Days of Glory”.

Gold Luxury bedroom furniture

Gold Luxury bedroom furniture

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Italian luxury classic furniture Expensive Interiors

Expensive Interiors
In the current executive head of Italy and Rome, the Pope’s office, where yachts and seven-star restaurants, PROVASI are everywhere.

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PROVASI Italian luxury classic furniture Gold bedroom Furniture

Gold bedroom Furniture

About “PROVASI”, Cabiate near the city of Milan is the center of the Italian furniture industry. Eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century, the first generation of grandparents PROVASI, when operating hand-made furniture shop to create bedsidecabinets, chest of drawers-based. Second-generation parent Generation name, are engaged in antique furniture restoration and reproduction.
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Up to now, “PROVASI” Classical Italian bedroom furniture industry has developed into the leading brand.

PROVASI Italian luxury classic furniture by Classic Furniture

Classic Furniture

Italian luxury classic furniture made by hand

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It is manufactured according to a specified part of the specification chosen by hand to produce still use the natural beeswax color, hand on the wax after 14 steps, to present the perfect noble luster.
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PROVASI Italian Luxury And Elegant bedroom design ideas

Luxury And Elegant bedroom design ideas

Each piece of bedroom furniture craftsmen are required to have completed 12-25 bits, producing a piece of furniture by the time period to 60-120 days. Therefore, each PROVASI known as the “modern classical art, the future of the antique collectibles.

design your own bedroom Italian luxury classic furniture by hand

design your own bedroom

PROVASI Italian luxury White bedroom bondage

White bedroom bondage

Italian luxury classic furniture Classic bedroom designs

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PROVASI Italian luxury classic furniture bedroom decorating ideas

bedroom decorating ideas

Italian luxury classic furniture by hand bedroom furniture

bedroom furniture

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