Wednesday, February 2, 2011

future interior design 81 walls

Fabric panels to decorate walls

future interior design 81 walls

multiple possibilities

The decoration of the walls of the home has multiple possibilities, we can use wallpaper, pictures, decals, photographs, paintings, among others, but a cheaper and more original are the fabric panels.
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future interior design 81 walls

fabric panels

The fabric panels are decorative elements inexpensive and easy to perform, we make them ourselves.
Choosing fabric panels to decorate walls:When choosing our fabric panels must first choose the fabric combined with our decor.
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future interior design 81 walls

Indian silk

We have a wide range of fabrics to choose from: Indian silk is ideal to create ethnic backgrounds, we can also use imitation fabrics. Fabrics with Inca motifs fit well with eclectic decor which combines classical elements with primitive antiques or objects. Another option is stamped with designs on several grounds, including embroidery, and the Arab type that are very luxurious.
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future interior design 81 walls

incredible result

If you do not have the budget to buy a nice fabric, we can resort to patchwork, connecting pieces of cut fabrics that can get anywhere with an incredible result.The fabric panels will serve to decorate small spaces or large spaces really. For this installation does not need more than a holder that may be a frame as those used for the canvases of painters, a light wooden board (plywood, Troupe, Nordex, etc.)
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future interior design 81 walls

visual separation

Or support created with two bars curtains as those used for carpets. If we do not have any of these media, we can simply use nails to attach to the wall or surface you want to decorate.These panels can also be used as room dividers, making a visual separation that takes up no space, we can even provide them with a system of ropes to pick on certain occasions, as if they were blinds.
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